ABOUT ME A few words about myself.

Self Portrait


Christopher Jurod Chambers is self employed as a graphic designer and photographer and specializes in print design and photo manipulation with the majority of his time spent researching innovative and time saving design techniques. Webmaster and creator of Juroddesigns.com, Christopher has been actively working in central Mississippi since 2012. His clientele has ranged from musician Travis Calvin to Mississippi author Janet Taylor-Perry.


A graduate of Delta State University of Cleveland, MS and Holmes Community College of Goodman, MS, Christopher holds an Associate of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and membership in the Cleveland chapter of the Kappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity. Christopher was inducted into the fraternity by Kappa Pi International President, Ron Koehler. His work has been featured in Delta State University student art shows, a Kappa Pi art exhibit, and the Delta State University Senior Thesis Exhibit.

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